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Youngsters I.Doc Makers (YIDOCM) is an audiovisual project that promotes the co-production of a documentary through transmedia storytelling. It deals with possible solutions to the social impacts of the climate change, especially the migration flows and the climate refugees that are now  coming to Europe.

YIDOCM is the further development of the innovative educational project “Los jóvenes vistos por los jóvenes” within the framework of Vocational Training Strategic Partnership (KA2), funded by the Erasmus+ program of  theEuropean Union.


Educational Objetives

YIDOCM is an innovative educational audiovisual project that responds to the necessity to adjust to the technological, creatives and economic shifts in the audiovisual industry.  

The aim of the project is to develop the professional and language skills of students to improve the access opportunities to the film industry.  Besides, the adolescents will deal with social and environmental problems providing different approaches and perspectives from each country.


Audiovisual objetives.

The ultimate goal of YIDOCM is to make an interactive and transmedia  documentary about migration flows and climate change. There are three different but interrelated strand of work:

  • Design and creation of the project webdoc and the audiovisual transmedia coproductions developed  by the students  in the cross-platform. This task is  carried out in the  participating schools in  collaboration  with other European institutions of the audiovisual sector.
  • Specialized training of students and teachers in new strategies and working methods of the new digital interactive environments.
  • The search of new approaches and formats for the communication of climate change and the migration flows to Europe.

It is therefore a multidisciplinary project that incorporates audiovisual production, web development, graphic design and programming of websites.


 Distribution of the project.

The cultural association “Play Acció Cultural” which is connected to a variety of European audiovisual festivals ensures the distribution the project as a cultural asset. New forms of participation and co-creation activities are expected from different audiences which in turn  will contribute to enhance the educational-communicative potential of the project and the associated webdoc.

Finally, the audiovisual interactive results will serve as tools for teachers and students   of different educational stages linked with cross-curricular contents about climate change and its impacts on the populations, especially in Europe. 


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